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Rachel Steffenson and TJ Cafferty
My buying experience with Adam was incredible! Throughout the entire process, I felt Adam was trying to educate me and help me find a diamond that was exactly what I was looking for, rather than trying to sell me on a particular piece. My fiancee and I had looked at many stores and had a similar experience each time: a generic sales person who wasn't invested in our ultimate satisfaction, just trying to rush us through a sale. This was not the case when dealing with Adam. He took his time and made sure my every request was met to the highest standards. I feel very thankful that I had the privilege of working with him and will continue to recommend Adam to others. When the time comes, I look forward to finding the perfect wedding bands, from Adam as well.

TJ and I have been dating for over four years. To say I was excited, when the time came to look at engagement rings, was an incredible understatement. However, I quickly realized that I am extremely indecisive. TJ and I went to many stores so I could try on every "fad" in terms of diamond cuts and ring settings. When TJ proposed to me I was blown away by the ring that he selected! It is classic elegance at its finest. Calling a round diamond "brilliant" was never more true. I will never grow tired of my ring and I couldn't be happier to have such a beautiful display of our love on my hand every day. I continuously receive complements about the quality of my ring. Thank you for helping make this process so easy for TJ and for providing me with a ring that I am incredibly proud of!
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