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Alison Jones and Randy Santiago
The process of buying an engagement ring can be very stressful. With absolutely no experience shopping for a diamond ring, the Levinson family was genuine, informative and more importantly ... very patient. They took their time educating me, listening to my ideas and ensuring I was comfortable with the entire process. With their assistance and expertise we were able to create an engagement ring that my fiance adores. Thank you!"

- Randy

"Randy proposed to me on the day of our yearly anniversary. The proposal AND the ring left me totally surprised and just speechless. The ring is absolutely breathtaking and I am getting endless compliments on it. This ring is more beautiful than I would have ever dreamed. In fact, months later I still find myself admiring it throughout the day. I cannot wait to have you design the matching wedding band! Thank you, for helping us in this precious time. You are the best! "

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